Critical Thinking

IDEAS/INSIGHTS/INSPIRATIONS are our series of webinars this year through which we will try to engage with the community of people interested in all aspects of T and E M. We will bring you experts who can spark fresh thoughts, approaches or perspectives to your work, career, learning and interests We kick off this series with a topic that is at the root of everything we do – Thinking.

Thinking is arguably that precious attribute that sets apart humans from all other species. Scientists and philosophers distinguish a wide variety of thinking processes – fast and slow thinking from Kahnemann, analytical or divergent thinking, creative thinking, lateral thinking that was popularized by de Bono and several more. Thinking, as define by the dictionaries, is the process of reasoning about something. Amongst all those different thinking processes I mentioned the one that comes closest to the original definition is that of Critical Thinking. 

Good critical thinking skills results in better problem solving  and superior decision making. The World Economic Forum listed Critical thinking among the top three skills required for executive success at work. Critical thinking requires a good knowledge of logical reasoning, fallacies, and cognitive biases.

I, personally, believe that this is not just an immensely useful tool in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. Whether we are considering a requirements document from a client or trying to interpret the many half-truths that pervade social media today, there can be no better skill in your arsenal than critical thinking.

Strangely enough, critical thinking is not considered natural to us – it is a learnt skill. This makes me doubly glad that today we have with us, Mr. A S Prasad, the founder of Critical Thinking Academy, to introduce us to this idea of Critical Thinking. He is …

a management graduate from IIMA (1981-83) and is a Trainer in critical thinking, Marketing Consultant and Guest faculty at IIM Indore and NIFT.

He has over thirty years of Marketing and senior management experience across Industries.

In 2013, he developed a course on Critical thinking and has been delivering workshops and training on critical thinking since then. He has conducted workshops for both industry and academic institutions including at JIPMER, Bharat Electronics, GE Healthcare and many more.